Why is our SEO price lower than other service providers in Malaysia?

Case Study: Why is our SEO price lower?

In my recent meeting, one of our long-time clients wanted to know we are able to provide cheaper SEO services compared to other service providers.

Firstly, I would like to explain about why other companies seem highly priced.

Usually, most of the SEO companies and agencies do not over pricing intentionally. Each company has its own packages that depend on the team of professionals & services offered.

So, it is important to meet SEO industry specialists and technical teams and get clarifications on:

  • What do they offer?
  • Why did they offer this particular service for your business?
  • How will it improve your business conversion & ROI?

As a business owner, you would have a plan for the marketing budget and also what percentage can be used for SEO (Organic Traffic & Conversion) and other channels or modes of marketing.

So, if you think, their explanation & proposed strategy, outcome overview & KPI’s are valid from your business perspective go for it, then go for it.

Secondly, here’s why we are able to provide a cheaper service than others.

We follow two pricing methods.

Standard Pricing:

Is the lowest price offered as per the package checklist. It fits the business that has a standard and consistent budget for search marketing as well as businesses that have their own internal IT team with skilled staff to handle write ups.

Strategy Based Pricing or Custom Pricing:

We take the entire responsibility.

Example :

We have a specific method called ‘Price Influencer Matrix’ to finalize the price.

Here’s the breakdown for a better understanding:

SEO Price Infucener Matrix

So, we are very clear while finalizing the price. This pricing methodology helps us to reach all levels of companies within Malaysia with a centralised and a fair method of pricing.

For a better understanding, you can view our portfolio.