RFID Solutions

RFID solutions automate the entire business process and application area end-to-end.

We offer a wide range of customized RFID solutions for every industry. Being a one-stop shop for all your RFID solutions Design, System Architecture, Software Integration, Deployment, and Delivering RFID readers, Antennae, and Tags with exact strategic placements to meet the industry’s needs.

We join hands with Impinj to provide custom-made solutions in business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things (IoT) in Malaysia.

We engineer and design reliable web and mobile applications and cloud services to make it easier for businesses and communities to use UHF RFID products. We are always focused on creating value by understanding our customers and investors and working side-by-side to develop solutions that make end users experience the technology in a simple and manageable way.

Services & Capabilities
(As a part of RFID Solution, we offer)

  • RFID Solutions Architecture

  • RFID Component Specifications

  • RFID Hardware, Software, and Solution Acquisition

  • RFID Solution Staging

  • Custom Software Development

  • Systems Integration

  • Technical and End-User Training

  • Help Desk

  • Support, Maintenance, and Enhancement