Why Is A Website Important For Your Business?

Are you the kind of person thinking that you have a good business and a Facebook page in your company name which you post often in a cycle and thinking or In case you can ask yourself,

“Is a website important for my business?”

Good question !!

You don’t need to make a website if you don’t have any interest in generating new leads and getting new prospects.A survey says that 57% of people are not ready to step up to a business with a poorly designed website. What it means, in this digital era most of the people (Yes, before you called them customers I called them people) start their research from Google and seek for the website of the company that they would like to deal with.Still, not sure about taking decisions regarding the website creation? Let me help you,

Here are the top 5 reasons why you would want to create a website.

1. Your Competitors Are Well Updated

It may sound like a push to consider website creation, but it’s true. If your competitors have an excellent website and great online presence, no matter how good your service or product’s quality is; your customers may drive themself to your competitors’ Call To Action Button.

As they say, first impressions last forever.

2. Expectation from Your Target Audience

In the Digital Transformation era 2020, accessing and knowing about a business is more casual. People are getting more updates via browsing the Internet and Google My Business’s Rating, and they are not shy to share it.

Bitter fact is nobody will notice or see your credibility if you don’t have a website.

3. Social Media Posting is not enough

You are the person who understood the pain points of your target customers. Showing off is one of the greatest art while interacting with them.

The purpose of having a website is to showcase your service and solution. Like a well organized real shop; your website has to be as well. Having your online presence will surely help you to achieve this case.

If you want to know more about it, find a trustworthy online marketing or web design company and ask them how they can show off your business online in a noteworthy way.

4. Reviews Matter a Lot

Assume that you’re having a great website now, your target audience is attracted about the way you showcase your product/service. Though you entered into the digital world but you’ve not still not broadened your view.

More than 80% of customers register their opinion that they believe in the reviews of the consumers. Here where the Local Search, Social Media Engagement, getting stars takes place.

The combination of having a great website and social media marketing works in a better way to let your audience be aware who you are and what you are in your industry.

5. Does Google Know You ?

You may hear about the saying “ If Google can find you, anyone can”.

What does this mean for you ?

As we all know, Google always optimizes itself to deliver the better results to its searchers. Whenever people Google for the product or service that you provide, if your business website comes up in top position; It would be great right?.

No Wonder !!

Here where Google Search Engine Optimization Works. Deploying the right keywords and having the right strategy will surely give the results.

When thinking about making your business an online presence, a potential Website is a gateway that projects your business’ value to your customers.

Do you have any other questions about creating your online presence? W3Rider would love to hear what you prefer and are open to providing free consultation that helps to drive your business to Digital Transformation.