Why are Cyber security and Information security crucial for your business?

Businesses of all sizes depend on the internet as a result of its technological dominance. Due to the incredible development of technology, people now often spend twice as much time online as they did ten years ago.

In this digital age, online presence is more of a requirement. Businesses are more digitally advanced than ever. However, technology also has risks, and the most severe risk to businesses in this digital age is cyber attacks.

Cyber security

Cyber security helps determine what critical data exists, where it resides, the cyber risks associated with it, and the technology required to protect it. It is concerned with preventing data that is found in electronic form (computers, networks, mobile devices, etc.) from being compromised or attacked.

Why is Cyber security important?

Cybersecurity is the protection provided to defend internet-connected devices and services from malicious attacks by hackers, spammers, and cybercriminals. This is the practice used by companies to protect against phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, identity theft, data breaches, and financial losses.

Information security

The values of the data motivated the attackers to steal or corrupt the data. Information security is essential for the integrity and values of the organisation's data. Information security ensures the protection of both data in motion and data at rest. It protects sensitive information from unauthorised activities, including inspection, modification, recording, disruption, or destruction.

How important is Information security?

Information security ensures the safety and privacy of critical data such as customer account details, financial data, or intellectual property. Information and information systems must be protected from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

How does Cyber Security differ from Information Security?

Cyber security is a subset of information security. Unauthorised access, disclosure, modification, and disruption of information are all aspects of information security, and it deals with cybercrime, cyber fraud, cyber attacks, and cyber law enforcement. It mainly protects data available in cyberspace from various cyber threats, whereas Information security deals with developing policies to safeguard information and is more strategic.

Cybersecurity is more concerned with the practical realities of installing antivirus software and network infrastructure to safeguard digital information. On the other hand, it protects data from all types of attacks. Its goal is to protect banks' and customers' private information from unauthorised access, to protect data privacy, and to ensure the integrity of the hardware that handles stores, and transmits the data. It safeguards all data.

In a nutshell, Cyber security protects IT systems from unauthorised electronic access, whereas Information security protects all information assets, whether physical or digital. Information security deals with the overall security of data, whereas cyber security protects the data stored online.